Mrs. Noldan's Mission Statement

To teach to the best of my ability the Word of God and other academia so the children under my care may grow in their faith, know the love of God, grow in their talents and serve as Christians throughout their lives.

An interview with Mrs. Edna Noldan

How did you connect with St. John's?

I was extended a divine call to teach by the members of the congregation in 1995.

Where and what have you taught previously?

After graduating from Martin Lutheran College in 1983, I was blessed to serve at Waco Lutheran High School, Nebraska.  From 1986-1995 I taught grades K-4 and current events with grades 4-8 at Zum Kripplein Christi Lutheran School in rural Iron Ridge, Wisconsin.  From 1995-2019, I primarily have taught grades 1-2 here at St. John's.  When I first came to St. John's, I was blessed to serve as the first teacher in our extended learning program and also the first preschool teacher prior to teaching grades 1-2.  I was the basketball coach at Zum Kripplein Christi and enjoyed coaching B-team volleyball here at St. John's.  I am currently serving as advisor to our St. John's forensic team and to our St. John's math team which I truly cherish.

What is your education?

I served our country in the Air Force here in the USA and also in Europe.  While I served, I furthered my education at The Presidio, a language college for all branches of the Armed Forces in Monterey California, and attended classes at the University of Maryland and the University of North Dakota.  I have degrees from the University of Idaho and Dr. Martin Luther College.  In 1992, I earned my Wisconsin State Teaching Certification.  I have taken additional courses throughout the years specializing in reading and phonics.


What do you love to do?

I regard it a special blessing to aid parents in teaching their children at this very important stage of their life.  To remind God's little ones that they have a Savior and Friend in Jesus, as well as to encourage them and provide opportunities for the children to show love in this world is so rewarding.

I also find much satisfaction in seeing the children grow in their skills of reading, writing, and math, and thirst to learn more.  I delight in watching the children pray and sing, socialize, and grow emotionally, academically, and spiritually.

If you have a Bible passage for your life and ministry, what would it be?

"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  (Matthew 19:14)

When I have free time, you will find me...

Spending time with my family, enjoying the outdoors, gardening, and following Badger volleyball.

Favorite places I have been-

Germany, Idaho, Nebraska, and Wisconsin

What are some of the heart warming moments of your time at St. John's?

-  When I received flowers, a plaque, and cute heartfelt well wishes/cards from my students and parents when I was ill several years ago.

-  When students in the class say, "I can't do that," and then to their amazement and joy they are able to do it and then say, "hey, I can do it!"

-  When the students show love and compassion to a fellow classmate, following Jesus example as they have been taught.

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