Welcome to St. John’s Lutheran Church

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St. John's is a family of believers committed to

sharing Jesus' love throughout Dodge County,

Wisconsin.  Please browse through our website

to learn more about how our congregation of over

140 years is sharing Jesus' love throughout Dodge County, Wisconsin.  

St. John's is part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS),

We Believe...

"We believe in Jesus Christ; He is the true God from all eternity ---- almighty, all-knowing, present in all places. He is a man from Nazareth ---weak in the flesh, fearful of future sorrow, tortured by pain. He was tempted like us, yet like we will never know;  But he triumphed over temptation; he refrained from his full might and glory; he submitted humbly to the Father's will; he chose death, to give us life. We believe that our sins anger God, each one of them: big and small, public and private, those that hurt others, those that don't appear to hurt anyone, those we don't even remember.

We believe that Jesus lived and died for the sins of the world. He resisted every temptation; he reached out in love, to anyone in need; he remained pure in every thought, not just to be a good person, not just to be a good example, but to be mankind's perfect Savior and Substitute, to live the Law in our place, so that the Law will not condemn us.  He submitted to shame; he suffered unjust punishment; he sacrificed Himself, not to prove a point, not just to show us how to obey, but to take mankind's sentence for sin, as our perfect Savior and Substitute. He is our sure hope and salvation. This is what the Bible says; therefore this is what we believe."

We keep these beliefs at the core of everything we do: in our preschool and Christian school, in our ministries and everyday lives. We are led in worship and study by Pastors David Brandt and Paul Schupmann, and run thanks to the efforts of our dedicated teachers and staff, and through thousands of volunteer hours by our generous members.  If you are interested in learning more about our church, please feel free to come visit us or contact us to learn more about joining our church family.