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What is Extended Learning?

- Extended learning serves children in grades K-8.

- It supports students who need additional help in a certain subject, especially reading and math.

- Students identified by achievement tests or teacher recommendation as significantly above average will have the opportunity to work with the extended learning teacher on enrichment activities.

- In Addition, the Title One Program, one of the largest federally funded programs in the nation, provides identified children with extra help in the areas of reading readiness, listening experiences, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

- The Title One Teacher works in St. John's School by testing the student's eligibility. She consults with the St. John's extended learning teacher and the child's classroom teacher to carry out the program.

                                              Hi, my name is                                                               Rebecca (Suhr) Zellmer. 

                                             I am the extended                                                          learning teacher in the                                                  mornings here at St.                                                      John's.  In the afternoon                                                I move to the 8th Grade room to give Mr. Cody, release time to take care of principal duties. 

I was born in Watertown, WI,  baptized at St. John's Lutheran Church, Watertown, and continued through until 8th grade.  After graduating high school from Northwestern Preparatory school, I continued on to (Dr.) Martin Luther College and graduated in 1995.  That summer I married my high school sweetheart,  Erich Zellmer.  I was blessed to receive a call by St. Luke's to teach 2nd Grade at Trinity-St. Luke's in Watertown.  In 2002, I resigned my called and moved with my family to Beaver Dam, where we now reside.  After having three daughters, God called me to teach 4-year-olds at Zion in Columbus.  I taught at Zion for five years.  In 2016, I received a call to teach here at St. John's.  I am blessed to have a full time call here.

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me."  I believe God has given all of us different talents and abilities.  I feel it is my responsibility to nurture and encourage students, parents and colleges to do their best for the Lord. I ask God to help me do this.  Blessings on your day, and if you see me, feel free to introduce yourself.

In His Service,

Mrs. Rebecca Zellmer