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A typical preschool day includes table activities and play time, circle time, small group time, recess, Jesus time, snack, story time, developmental centers, and clean-up and recall time.   Our preschoolers also have the opportunity to be the class leader, go on field trips, and host two preschool programs for their family and friends.  If you want to find out more about what our preschoolers are up to, how your child can join them, or to see our preschool classroom, contact us for a full tour.

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Preschool Offerings

Preschool school days are from 8-11 a.m. Eagle Care is available for afternoon care.

3K (3 year old by September 1)
Tuesday & Thursday
4K (4 year old by September 1)
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


Monday - Friday

Our preschool is a busy and fun place!  With interactive play, Jesus time, stories, and recess, our preschool classroom is always buzzing with activities and learning. Thanks to our full-time teacher and a group of dedicated volunteers (our 'Grandmas'), our preschoolers get lots of  time to work independently and cooperatively, have fun doing science, art, numbers, and letters, and learn to play together in a God-pleasing way. 

We offer two levels of morning preschool, 3K & 4K, as well as afternoon care (Eagle Care) session until 3 p.m. in the afternoon.